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Ozark Bread & Butter Pickles (Out of Stock)


Manufacturer: Ozark Pickle Pantry

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Ozark Bread & Butter Pickles


It's a pickle that tastes like Grandma use to make, but crunchy! It's 'pickle perfect' especially for those that like their pickles with a little more sweet, than not. This is a pickle that begins with a bread & butter style pickle, then our family's recipe is added to it for a wonderful, old-fashioned taste, yet the texture and taste are new enough to the pickle taster's palette to have them saying, "Them are good pickles!" These pickles have the distinct three flavors the Ozark Pickle Pantry are famous for sweet and tangy -but this particular version is a tad more sweet ... and it's a bread and butter. For those who love Grandma's Bread and Butter's this version is a perfect selection.

Product Code: OZAVBVH165

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